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Welcome to the

Trauma Therapy Institute

You're in the right place...

You are in the right place if you suffer from any or all of the following symptoms:


  • Nightmares, flashbacks, and other intrusive memories

  •  Inability to sit with your back to the window or door

  • Overreaction to challenges that seem small to other people

  • Startling easily or excessively

  • Everything in your life takes too much energy or bravery

  • Avoidance of both obligations and things you feel like you should like to do

  • Chronic return to alcohol and/or other drug use after periods of abstinence

  • Feeling like life just isn't worth living because you can't move forward


These symptoms are often related to traumatic stress-induced memories. The cause of these symptoms can go away in days, not weeks or years, with evidence-based and field-tested memory reconsolidation therapy (EMDR or Progressive Counting) delivered in an intensive retreat format (usually 4-6 full days).

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